Smart Camera Remote (SCR)

is an electronic device that extends the capabilities of digital cameras, providing certain special features.

Prototypes available!


With the SCR you can remotely control up to 3 cameras individually and simultaneously. The configuration for each camera and function is done easily via the illuminated display. You find some images and videos taken by the SCR in my Portfolio.

Key functions:

  • Interval shooting 1s - 23:59:59
  • Interval shooting only on certain days during a defined period of time
  • Long exposure mode 1s - 23:59:59
  • Continuous shooting 2 - 10 frames with adjustable pulse and blanking duration
  • Alarm for camera triggering at a certain date and time
  • Alarm function with periodic repetition
  • Built-in light sensor for flash, lightning or light barrier photography
  • Auxiliary input to trigger the camera using an external sensor (noise, vibration, PIR, ...)
  • Manual triggering of each connected camera


The SCR is connected either via a wired cable or via the camera's infrared interface. The used camer must have at least one of the following interfaces:

  • Port for a wired camera remote
  • Infrared sensor for wireless remote triggering

Other features included:

  • Automatic power saving mode
  • Integrated realtime clock with a separate backup battery
  • Display with adjustable backlight
  • User interface with 4 keys
  • Built-in light sensor
  • Lightweight handheld enclosure, Weight 0.352lbs (9V battery included)

Power supply

The device can be operated either via the replaceable 9V battery or an optional AC adapter (especially for long-lasting records).

  • Battery operated with 9 volt battery
  • Mains operation with optional AC adapter (not included)

Compatible cameras, Prototypes available!